Our Services

Home Detention with Active GPS

  • -Lives at his/her home and may be employed
  • -No Land line phone is needed.
  • -Random drug screening to be paid by client.
  • -A bracelet is worn around the ankle.

Alcohol Monitoring Component

  • -This program is in addition to the Home Detention Program or can be used alone without electronic monitoring.
  • -An electronic breathalyzer is placed in the home.
  • -Tests are completed randomly and results are available within minutes of the test. Provides picture verification.

Job Program

  • -Training on completing applications, interviewing skills, and resume writing.
  • -No cost to Michiana Community Corrections participants.
  • -Random drug screening to be paid by client.

Case Management

  • -Follow-up on court ordered conditions.
  • -Referrals for specialized treatment needs.
  • -Client advocacy.

  • -Assistance with problems.

Community Service Monitoring

  • -Appropriate and productive environment chosen for client placement.
  • -Service work is verified.

Cognitive Behavioral Programming - conducted by Certified MCC Staff

  • -Moral Reconation Therapy

  • -Thinking for a Change

  • -Inside Out Dads

  • -Life after Incarceration

Pretrial Release

  • -May be supervised on Home Detention
  • -Daily Monitoring or Alcohol Monitoring
  • -Provides supervision pending sentencing and/or trial

Daily Monitoring / Day Reporting

  • -Monitoring Component only and without electronic monitoring.
  • -Reports daily to office.

  • -Random drug screening.