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Our Services

Home Detention with GPS

- Continues to live at his or her home and may continue employment.
- No land line phone line is needed.
- A bracelet is worn around the ankle that is charged daily.
- $110 per week program fee includes classes and drug testing.

Alcohol Monitoring Component

- This program is in addition to the Home Detention Program or can be used alone without electronic monitoring.
- An electronic breathalyzer is placed in the home.
- Tests are completed randomly and results are available within minutes of the test.
- $160 per week including the Home Detention fee or
- $60 a week for Alcohol Monitoring Component only and without electronic monitoring.

Job Program

- Training on completing applications, interviewing skills, and resume writing.
- No cost to Michiana Community Corrections participants.

Case Management

- Follow-up on court ordered conditions.
- Referrals for specialized treatment needs.
- Client advocacy.
- Assistance with problems.

Community Service Monitoring

- Appropriate and productive environment chosen for client placement.
- Service work is verified.

Cognitive Behavior Programming conducted by MCC

- Moral Reconation Therapy
- Moral Reconation Therapy/Domestic Violence Component
- SMART Recovery
- Theft Accountability Class

Pretrial Release

- May be supervised on Home Detention
- Daily Monitoring or Alcohol Monitoring
- Provides supervision pending sentencing and/or trial

Daily Monitoring / Day Reporting

- Daily supervision without electronic monitoring.
- Reports daily to office.
- $35 per week program fee Random drug screening.

Services with Integrity

At Michiana Community Corrections, we believe that family and community are a major driving force in succeeding with alternative sentencing. 

To schedule an appointment to be enrolled in the program, please contact Helen at 574-296-6666 extension 106. If she is not available, please leave a message with your name and phone number and she will return your call.
Hook ups are typically scheduled on Tuesday at 9, 12, and 2:30. Exceptions can be made with valid reasons.
On the day of orientation/hook up there is a fee of $185 that includes a hook up fee, drug testing fee, and the first week fee. We do not accept cash and prefer money orders made out to Michiana Community Corrections. You must call to schedule your appointment prior to your enrollment date.